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Get 50% of your capital in 14days!
You also get a 10% cash back After 3 Months!

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A Quick Overview of how you Earn Money From Crypto Heaven.

Being the first time, Your money will be ready for withdrawal in 7days time, the profit is 50% of your investment.
Note: this system requires recommitment, you can't recomit less than your first investments, but you can recommit same amount or above, that's what make this system different from other system, this is to ensure stability and to keep the system running.
Once your recommitment is confirmed by the system you're then eligible to withdraw, Fact Note there's nothing like total pull out, or total cashout, The recommitment Policy Ensure we are all under the system therefore keeping the system stable and running through the policy made!

Referral is not compulsory, but referral attract bonus.

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Get Paid through Bitcoin

Your Bitcoin is sent Directly into your external wallet.

Bitcoin Exchange Analysis

You Can then Trade your bitcoin in the market place and get your cash in your local currency instantly.

Send & Receive Bitcoin

Send Your Crypto Currency to any working wallet in the world.

Investment Packages



Minimum Investment

The basic package is an Investment that gives you 50% of your Investment after 14days ,but a 100% recommitment policy apply and a compulsory upgrade after every 4 Investments.

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Minimum Investment

The Premium Package is an Investment that does not require any mandatory recommitment or upgrade and the minimum is $130. The Premium Investment has a Duration Plan of 3 months, 6 months and 12 months for which only the Profits are Withdrawn every Month and the Capital + Profits are withdrawn on the last month of the Duration Plan Selected, with a maintenance fee of just $5.

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Features Of Our System.


You can Invest with funds from your CHD wallet, you can fund your wallet using several payment methods availble in the system such as direct bank transfer, BTC,and online payment with your debit or credit card.


You can Tranfer cash from your Crypto Heaven Dynasty(CHD) wallet to your Pasonal Bank Acount and also you can tranfer from your Personal Bank Account to your Crypto Heavens Dynasty(CHD) wallet.

Safe & Secure

Your investments are kept Safe as we work with you in your Journey to your financial freedom. We use safe and trusted payment gateways!


You get 10% on Your Referrals First Investment and %1 Subsiquently (refferal bonus can only be cashed out at $30) T$C Applies.

Recommit and Withdraw

You then make a recommitment directly from your CHD Wallet(it has a very fast processing speed!) and Cash Out.

Buy and Sell

Buy and sell Bitcoin in the Market Instantly. (This will soon be available)

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Crypto Heaven is a sub company under the Heaven Dynasty International limited company (read more in about us).

The Upgrade policy helps you Reach your finacially freedom.

The recommitment is to check and keep the system balanced and also helps in your journey to financial freedom.

Regular formula

Formula: Average of last 4 investments + 50% of the average total example given; an investment of $100 is made four times Average of 4 investments= (100+100+100+100)/4= $100 50% of average= 50% of $100= $50 thus 100+50= $150.

Formula after every 3 Months

Formula: Average of last 4 investments + 75% of the average.

A Referral bonus of 10% on the first investment and 1% subsequently is given to an investor for investments made by his/her referrals.

Dollar is the central currency used so charges may apply to your local currency!
Deposit: 390/$
Withdrawal: 387/$.

The minimum investment in this package is $13 and there is no maximum investment in this package. An Investor is guaranteed 10% of his investments in 3 months and 40% annually. The duration of the investment on this package is 7 days for the first investment and 14 days for the subsequent investments of which an investor is required to make a recommitment equal or above his investment before withdrawal. Withdrawals are processed within 72hrs . After every four investments, an investor is required to make an upgrade.

The minimum investment in this package is $130 . An investor is guaranteed 20% profits monthly and is not required to make a recommitment before withdrawal, however, he is not allowed to withdraw his capital on investment, just his profits till the last month.